Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Transplanted orchids – How To

How to transplanting orchid? Are you need to do? Right, lets read this article. Orchids - a magnificent , delicate flowers .  If your lovely orchid suddenly became lethargic , and despite the fact that you have not changed anything , they have turned yellow leaves - maybe it's the time of transplant ?

Before transplanting orchids will be made , you need to check: do not go to the roots of the plants in growth.  To do this, shake the pot to make a few roots from the soil. If the roots of plants are bright green, then repot an orchid is impossible. If the roots are dark green or gray, it can be transplanted.

The first step is to water the orchid.  Then the roots will become more pliable. Then you need to carefully pull out the orchid out of the pot, gently cleansing the earth from the roots of the mixture. Inspect the root system and remove the sterile scissors all white, black and yellow roots - roots are sick. The cuts must always be sprinkled with ashes.  Thus treated plant leaves at night without pot , the roots have time to dry out a bit.

The next step - preparing the ground for the plant. To do this you need to mix moss, crushed coconut shells, pottery shards, foam and river sand. The resulting soil should be loose enough not sticky. It should not be delayed water.  In the first pot on the third poured a large drainage. Above the drainage - a little ground on which is placed and orchid. Holding the plant by the stem, you need to carefully fill the roots with soil, occasionally shaking the pot .  So the mixture evenly distributed in the root system. Compacted soil is not necessary.

After the transplant orchids watered and fertilize the soil is not necessary.  Pot of orchid transplanted should be placed in a shaded , humid place for three weeks.

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