Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to take care of orchids

Orchids are among the most beautiful and exotic flowers apartment.  If you know how to take care of them , you will always enjoy the beauty of these flowers.

How to care for an orchid ?

Well, let's start with the fact that growing orchids is much more difficult to grow than conventional home cacti, which can be watered once a week.  Orchid is a beauty, and all the beauty needs special attention, respect and care. If you have no experience of growing orchids, you should start with a phalaenopsis cultivation orchid, as this type of orchids with proper care, can bloom up to 6 months in a year , and he made the most suited for growing in the indoor environment.

Drafting of the substrate for planting orchids The main thing you need to remember when plant of orchids, is it epiphytic orchid?  You may ask, what does this mean ?  This indicates that orchid naturally grows on other plants, for example, trees. Knowing that, when grown should be aware that it is necessary not to plant orchids in the ground, and in a specially prepared substrate , it can be ready to buy at the store. This is done as follows : we take , the bark from a pine tree is boiled, dried, and after 2-3 days , the bark should be boiled again , so that it does not remain harmful pests that can harm the orchids. Clean boiled bark should be cut into pieces the size of which shall not exceed 1.5-2 cm. After all the pieces of pine bark thoroughly mix with small pieces of sphagnum moss , and a substrate for planting "magic" beauties ready.

Selection of the pot for orchids, let's talk about pot for orchids, it is not least in terms of the proper care of this plant. As recommended by experts, a pot for growing orchids should choose white or transparent, such pots are not hot from the sun, thus the roots will be in the best shape. For the cultivation of orchids, pots are best suited plastic, as the walls of a clay pot, the roots can grow orchids, and heavily injured during transplanting. At the bottom of each pot, you need to make holes, it's a very important point in the care of orchids, as the roots need ventilation, as well as in the substrate must not stagnate moisture.

Drainage and planting orchids. How and when planting a large number of plants at the bottom of the pot should be good drainage, so there was no standing water at the roots .  You can use small pieces of foam on the broken in 0.5 or 1 cm as a drain on the bottom of the pot. After it was laid drainage, should be laid over the previously -prepared substrate and can be planted orchid.  When planting orchids can not press down roots.  Once the plant has been placed in the center of the pot , you need to pour the rest on the edges of the substrate .  Transplant orchids should be no more frequently than once every three years.

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